Sydney Reid

Sydney Reid

Age: 19
Date of Birth: 8 November, SK 604
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lb.
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Blood Type: AB
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Red
Drinks: N/A
Likes: Reading, killing
Dislikes: Ignorance, ineptitude, disobedience, happiness

Monster (mon·ster), n. A person too malicious or evil to be considered human.

Sydney Reid is one of the few people for whom the description "monster" is truly not hyperbole. At 19, Sydney is not only the youngest commander in the Siro Durad army by at least ten years, but also the only person ever admitted as an officer, much less one of her rank. Sydney is better known, however, for her almost incomprehensible viciousness and cruelty. Those who have seen her at work tell of children, the elderly, even other members of the Durad cut to ribbons without a moment's hesitation. Precisely what inner pain could so consume a young woman as to make her enjoy causing people around her to suffer, only she knows.

Though many would prefer to dismiss Sydney's behavior as the symptom of total and complete madness, her history with the Durad suggests otherwise. On the contrary, she is frighteningly intelligent: rational, logical, and thorough, by far the finest tactician ever in the Durad, having led her troops through an unbroken series of overwhelming victories. When not performing her duties, Sydney is more often found in the company of a book than with other people. Her loyalty to the Durad seems tenuous at best, and it is unclear why she even bothers with them at all.

Sydney's troops literally follow her into battle - whether out of respect or fear, no one can be certain - where she fights with staggering efficiency and brutality. Despite the seemingly suicidal recklessness she often exhibits in combat, she has never been wounded. That hasn't stopped some from trying: several attempts were made on her life during her first year of command; these all failed so disastrously that none have been made since.

Little is known about Sydney's past, or about her personally.